Data Transparency

North Level IDB are committed to being open and transparent about our work, decision making processes and the services we provide.

We have based our disclosure on the Government’s Local Authority Transparency Code which recommends what information should be made available to the general public.

As a starting point for this disclosure, we have added the following documents to our website.   Please click on the links to see the documents as described:-

  • All expenditure over £500.00 (including costs, supplier and and transaction information).   The guidelines state that any sole trader or body acting in a business capacity in receipt of payments of at least £500.00 of public money should expect such payments to be transparent.   All payments made through the purchase ledger can be downloaded here.
  • Senior employees salaries, names (with the option for individuals to refuse to consent to their name being published).   Senior employee salaries are defined as all salaries which exceed £58,200 and above (irrespective of position held).
  • An organisation chart of the staff structure of North Level, including the above can be found here.


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