Tydd Pumping Station

Tydd Pumping Station

Designed by R.B. Grantham, Son and Farran in 1936 and commissioned in 1937/39, being capable of discharging 800 T/min. The diesel pumps were specified to lift 200 T/min. against a head of 16.5 feet driven by four horizontally opposed cylinder engines of 360 h.p. running at 267 r.p.m.

The engine slab and building is carried on 40 foot long concrete piles driven through sandy silt to hard gravel.

In the station pumps are now numbered from 1 to 6 commencing at the north end, originally pumps 2, 3, 4 and 5 were installed, each 48ins diameter with a total capacity of 800T/min.

Following the catastrophic floods of 1947, when the Wash Bank north of Crowland breached, further pumping capacity at Tydd was deemed necessary. Pump 1 was installed in 1950 of similar specification to those installed in 1938 i.e. 48ins diameter increasing the capacity to 1,000 T/min.

The extremely wet year of 1968, culminating in torrential rain of 4.5 inches in 12 hours indicated the need for further increase in capacity. This has been achieved by electrifying pumps 4 and 5 and increasing r.p.m. also installing a new electric pump (No.6) in the space provided in the original station, giving a capacity today of 1,276 T/min or 20.17 cumecs. The contract for the pumping plant was awarded to NEI-APE Ltd. – W.H. Allen in the sum of £364,659.

The final updating of the Pumping Station and Main Channel was completed in 1986 at a cost of £1,020,107.

The pumping station serves an area of 15,380 hectares protecting agricultural land, industrial units and residential properties. The updated capacity will cater for a run-off of 1.37 cumecs/1,000 hect. with a static head of 5.75 metres.

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