Board Requirements

Board’s Standard Requirements

Under Section 66 of the Land Drainage Act, 1991 and Byelaws approved by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, the following requirements must be complied with :-

1. No building, hedges, fences, trees, hardstandings, septic tanks or other structure may be placed within 9 metres of the edge of a Board’s watercourse without the previous consent of the Board. This width must be left completely clear and the Developer must advise prospective purchasers of this requirement in order that they do not inadvertantly contravene the Board’s Byelaws.

2. The installation of services, (i.e. electricity, water foul sewer, gas, telephone) over or under a Board’s watercourse will require the prior consent of the Board and appropriate details must be submitted to the Board for approval.

3. Where the development involves the alteration (e.g. piping, filling, bridging) of any watercourse, the Board’s consent in writing must be obtained.

The approval of the District Council, where appropriate, the Highway Authority and the adjoining riparian owners will also be required for work involving the piping or filling in of privately owned dykes or ditches.

4. The Board’s approval is required for the discharge of any surface water or treated effluent into any watercourse be it owned privately or by the Board. Full details must be submitted to the Board with an application for discharge consent and the Board’s written consent must be received before any work is carried out. Where outfalls discharge to a privately owned and maintained watercourse, the applicant must also obtain the adjoining riparian owner’s consent.

The developer is advised to contact the Board at the earliest possible stage concerning the requirements of this clause to ensure that consent can be given and to establish any conditions which may be imposed. In certain cases it may be necessary for the applicant to carry out special works such as downstream improvements or flow regulation to deal with the increased rates of discharge which will result from this development.

5. Any outfall into a Board’s open watercourse must be constructed using a suitable outfall unit which lies flush to the batter, or recessed so as not to damage mowers, and the batter below the outfall must be protected against erosion. The future maintenance of the outfall will rest with the owner and the Board will accept no responsibility for any damage caused during their drainage operations. Outfalls into a Board’s or privately owned pipeline will require an approved manhole at the junction.

6. The applicant, his agent or the developer must inform the Board of the commencement of all work relating to these and any additional special requirements.

These notes are intended for guidance and not as a comprehensive summary of the Land Drainage Act and Byelaws. Copies of the Act and Byelaws are available for inspection at the Board’s office.

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