Public Sector Cooperation Agreement Works

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The following works have been undertaken under the Public Sector Cooperation Agreement formed to allow IDB’s to work in closer partnership with the Environment Agency.

Tidal River Nene Dredging Works

Financed by the Environment Agency, this project was designed to dredge the River Nene for 1km downstream of the Dog-in-a-Doublet sluice.   The project involved the excavation of approximately 30,000 cubic metres of silt from the river channel, placing the material on the North Bank to dry.

Work has also been carried out to the tidal Cradge Bank widening the river berm in readiness for the dragline to work on that side.   In addition to this, the material dredged from the river in 2013 was also levelled.   A CAT D6 dozer was used for this operation.

The Tidal Nene Dredging works are an ongoing programme of works to keep the river open, the Board’s Engineers are also involved in preparing the River Nene dredging strategy  with Environment Agency colleagues.

The dredging strategy is a programme of works to dredge the river from Popley’s Gull to the Dog-in-a-Doublet on a rolling programme.

In 2015, approximately 20,000 cubic metres of spoil dredged from the River Nene in 2014 was carted, placed and profiled along the Fluvial Cradge Bank.   Further dredging work took place which was designed to de-warp and dredge the River Nene from the south bank for a distance of 2,000m.     Works commenced on site on the 17th August 2015 with 1,500m of de-warping and placing approximately 30,000 cubic metres of material on the river side berm and Cradge Bank.

Fluvial Cradge Bank Repair Works

This project was financed by the Environment Agency and was designed to repair sections of the Cradge Bank on the fluvial (fresh water) section of the river.    Damage to the bank had been caused by wave action of the impounded water when the washes are in flood.

In 2014, the works included repairing two sections of the bank and reconstructing the cross fences and gates.

The material for these works was sourced from the tidal section of the Cradge Bank and hauled to site by dump trucks under the main road bridge.    The material was then placed and shaped to the new cross section using a hydraulic excavator.

Tidal Cradge Bank Repair Works

This project was designed to repair the damage caused to the Cradge Bank of the River Nene during the wash flood events of 2012/13 2013/14.

The flood events of the last two winters has caused considerable damage to the south bank of the River Nene, known as the Cradge Bank, the wave action of the impounded water in the wash causing severe erosion to the bank.

In 2014, the works involved removing approximately 20,000 cubic metres of silt from the river bank and placing it on the south face of the Cradge Bank for a length of 3km.   This material was then placed, levelled and left to settle for four weeks.   Final levelling was carried out using a CAT D6 blade followed by re-seeding of the bank in early September.     The Board’s Hitatchi ZX210 long reach equipment, CAT 320 SLR, hire plant from Philip Wright Excavators and W. R. Chapman were utilised on this project.

In 2015, further works were undertaken.   The western site involved the de-warping of 1,800m of the River Nene’s south bank.    The material excavated on this section was carted 5km east to the eastern site and used to widen and repair the bank in this location.     The eastern site involved the de-warping of 3,000m of the River Nene’s south bank, storing the excavated material on the south face of the Cradge Bank where it would be used to carry out bank repairs.

The western site was completed in 2015 with approximately 20,000 tonnes of material carted to the eastern site, re-profiling and replacement of cross fences.








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